Pre-Conference Workshops

Register for a three-hour deep dive training workshop Thursday prior to the main conference. These workshops are designed to take usability to the next level and show you how to use Nextech to improve practice productivity and performance.   

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  • Introductory Overview of EMR

    Clinical All Specialties Nextech EMR

    Whether you're new to Nextech or looking for a review of the basics, this workshop is designed to give a comprehensive overview of best practices for system set up, ways to improve workflow and EMR editing basics. A preview of what will be covered is outlined below:

    • Understand the importance of setting up EMR permissions and how this improves data integrity
    • Gain insight into customizing user preferences to improve workflow
    • Review the core components of an EMR template and discuss best practices for use
    • Properly organize notes to increase end-user efficiency
    • Separate and manage notes effectively utilizing categories and charts
    • Create a minor procedure EMR note from start to finish
    • Review the recommended workflow for desktop EMR editing

  • Practice Schedule Optimization

    Administrative All Specialties Nextech PM

    This workshop will take an in-depth look at schedule management and how to optimize patient volume as well as generate revenue based on setup and utilization of advanced features. A preview of what will be covered is outlined below:

    • Understand the reporting and efficiency benefits of correct setup of Types and Purposes
    • Increase practice revenue by retaining more patients with effective use of Recalls
    • Streamline scheduling and reporting metrics with the correct use of Precision Templates
    • Take schedule management to the next level with our newest feature Scheduling Collections
    • Review how to use Scheduling Mix Rules to reduce unpaid visits
    • Improve scheduler efficiency and reduce errors when you utilize preferences, statuses and views
    • Deep dive into the new and improved Find First Available feature which ensures efficient, accurate scheduling
    • Reduce double booking errors with proper setup and use of resource sets
    • Gain insight into resource productivity with the use of advanced reporting

  • Managing Elective Services - Sponsored by CardConnect

    Administrative All Specialties Nextech PM

    Increase practice revenue with the proper management and promotion of elective services. This workshop focuses on improving patient retention, attracting new patients and analyzing areas for improvement. A preview of what will be covered is outlined below:

    • Report and market more efficiently with data setup according to best practices
    • Harness the power of customizing user preferences to improve user workflow
    • Save time with the use of quick quotes for repeatable and multi-use packages
    • Review Tracking and PIC features for elective surgery quotes and management
    • Successfully report on patient conversions to determine opportunities and areas for improvement
    • Focus on patient retention and methods to increase physician referrals
    • Identify top referral sources and optimize them to increase revenue
    • Examine your marketing effectiveness and ROI through reporting
    • Review photo management for marketing, website, publications and presentations use

  • Advancing EMR Usability

    Clinical All Specialties Nextech EMR

    This advanced user workshop is designed to take your abilities to the next level. Learn new skills for editing major templates and better understand the system nuances that will help improve clinical workflow. A preview of what's included is outlined below:

    • Review how to create and manage advanced templates to maximize clinic workflow
    • Create narrative content using sentence formatting to generate letters and forms
    • Streamline charge entry with proper setup and use of suggestive and auto-coding
    • Create hospital and order forms that merge content directly from your EMR
    • Discuss ways to utilize your EMR to manage and improve other areas of the clinical workflow
    • Review tools to assist the provider in completing EMR notes faster
    • Effectively manage patient visits with a deep dive into proper single note setup
    • Generate an efficient and accurate note to support your claim

  • Improve Financial Performance - Sponsored by TriZetto Provider Solutions

    Billing All Specialties Nextech PM

    Are you properly managing your practice's revenue cycle to recover the most money possible? Explore ways to improve collections, reduce rejections, and optimize processes with this in-depth review of best practices for revenue cycle management. A preview of what's included is outlined below:

    • Streamline workflow with the proper set up and customization of preferences
    • Review efficient bill creation from either EMR charge entry or superbill
    • Reduce rejections when using best practices for managing claims
    • Improve insurance company selection with the correct setup and management of duplicate and inactive insurance companies
    • Effectively collect patient payments using enhanced tools like the new collections and payment plan modules
    • Correctly use batch posting, including applied payments and multiple line-item adjustments
    • Review the various tools and preferences available to more effectively post ERA
    • Update and manage your standard fee schedule to gain visibility to allowables and better manage collections
    • Master month end processes including financial close with improved administrative management through reporting

  • Develop Talent & Mitigate Workplace Risk

    All Roles All Specialties All Products

    Is your practice fostering a professional work environment and complying with labor laws? Learn how to identify and mitigate employment risks while setting the stage for a positive culture that supports exceptional patient care. A preview of what's included is outlined below:

    • Create a positive, professional work environment that supports the broader goals of the practice
    • Apply leadership skills to develop your individual staff members' commitment levels and contributions
    • Know your risks and obligations under EEOC, FMLA, ADA and other labor laws Review compliance basics for immigration, payroll and benefits
    • Review compliance basics for immigration, payroll and benefits
    • Learn best practices and current trends of human capital management
    • Motivate, engage and retain your staff for optimal performance

  • Increase Charting Efficiency with Knowledge Base

    Clinical Ophthalmology IntelleChartPRO

    Master your chart profile with this in-depth training on IntelleChartPRO's Knowledge Base. Gain a better understanding of workflow and how to overhaul profiles to increase charting efficiency. A preview of what's included is outlined below:

    • Gain a better understanding of how the Knowledge Base operates and is displayed in the chart
    • Understand why you might not be seeing the changes you've made in the Knowledge Base
    • Review advanced Knowledge Base management techniques and best practices for profile editing
    • Learn how to organize findings and clean up what you don't need ? Reduce clicks with the proper set up of exam and testing defaults
    • Optimize charting in IntelleChartPRO with a better understanding of profiles
    • Eliminate problem list descriptions and unused list items reducing user error and rejections
    • Review how to build an ocular problem list with ICD-10 changes
    • Discuss interacting with the master Knowledge Base and how to make suggestions