Get to know our 2018 EDGE speakers, including keynote Nicholas Webb. From product and practice managment pros to compliance and clinical experts, these presenters are ready to share their knowledge to boost your productivity.

Keynote Speaker: Nicholas Webb

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Innovation & the Future of Health Care

Nicholas Webb is a world-renowned Healthcare Strategist, Bestselling Author and Healthcare Futurist. As an inventor, Nicholas invented one of the first wearable technologies and one of the world’s smallest medical implants. He has been awarded over 45 Patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office for a wide range of cutting-edge technologies. Nicholas is the founding CEO of the Destruction Lab, a Healthcare Research and Development Lab. Nicholas is the author of The Innovation Playbook, The Digital Innovation Playbook and his Number One Best-Selling Book on Patient Experience entitled, What Customers Crave. As a Healthcare Advisor, he works with some of the top Healthcare brands to help them lead their market in Enterprise Strategy, Patient Experience (PX) and Innovation. Western University of Health Sciences, a Top Southern California Medical School, awarded Nicholas his Doctorate of Humane Letters. Nicholas is also an Adjunct Professor of Healthcare Innovation and the Director of the Center for Health Innovation at WesternU. 

BK Kohn

Senior Professional Services Consultant

BK Kohn is a Sr. Professional Services Consultant, working with Nextech’s MIPS clients to prepare them for success with regulatory compliance and reporting pertaining to MACRA. BK's background entails more than 20 years’ experience working in the health care regulatory compliance environment, to include pharmaceuticals, specialty practices, and health care consulting for PCMH, as well as MIPS and MACRA.

Brian Gennusa

Sales Product Specialist

Working directly with the Nextech Sales team, Brian Gennusa has become one of Nextech’s foremost product experts. Brian serves as a Sales Product Specialist, regularly assisting clients with high detail product questions. He’ll provide EDGE 2018 attendees well-rounded product knowledge from an implementation, support and sales perspective.

Brian Sobus

VP, Engineering

Brian Sobus is the Vice-President of Engineering for Practice+. He brought more than 15 years of experience working in areas of public safety, health care and HIPAA-compliant systems, digital signatures, computer security, telecommunications, SaaS-based products and digital agencies to Nextech. His background spans embedded to web-based systems' architecture and development in a variety of languages and technologies. 

Courtney Tesvich

VP, Regulatory

Courtney is a Registered Nurse with more than 20 years in the health care field, 15 of which have been focused on quality improvement and regulatory compliance. As VP of Regulatory, Courtney is responsible for ensuring that Nextech’s products meet government certification requirements and client needs related to the regulatory environment.

Dan Montzka

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Montzka is a board-certified retina physician practicing out of Clearwater, FL, at Gulf Coast Retina. In addition to his work as a retina specialist, Dr. Montzka also founded IntelleChart, the leading Ophthalmology-specific EHR software. Now serving as Nextech’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Montzka works as an advisor to new clients and aids them in understanding how they can optimize their practices through health care IT.

Don Thompson 

VP, Software Development 

As the Vice President of Software Development for Nextech, Don Thompson leads the software development team in creating software solutions to meet customers’ needs. With more than 15 years of experience at Nextech, Don has an extensive knowledge of the software and how to find the right solution to a challenge.

Dustin Black

Product Support Manager

Dustin Black serves as the Technical Support Manager for the IntelleChartPRO and Practice+ products. His responsibilities include directly overseeing Tier I and II Support teams as well as IntelleChart’s Knowledge Base team. He has been with Nextech for more than six years and leverages his product knowledge and passion for service to ensure clients receive quality support.


Eddie Zaragoza

Product Specialist III

Eddie Zaragoza focuses on EMR, Meaningful Use and PQRS as a Tier III Support Representative at Nextech. With five years of experience at Nextech, Eddie has honed his talent for creating user-friendly how-to documents, which has significantly increased available training materials and improved user self-education. His background in EMR Implementation paired with a passion for deep EMR functionality allows Eddie to turn EMR possibilities into realities.

Eric Olmstead

Senior Implementation Specialist 

Eric Olmstead started with Nextech in the Product Support Department and is now a Senior Implementation Specialist. He provides ongoing training of best practices for the Nextech software. With five years of experience at Nextech, Eric works to ensure successful implementation and utilization of the Nextech software for both new and existing clients.

Greg Campbell

Product Specialist III, SME Advisor 

As a Product Support Representative, Gregory Campbell is working with clients, development, and product management daily to further enhance usability. With more than five years of experience at Nextech, Gregory is knowledgeable on an array of setups and configurations. He is also well-versed on best practices for the Nextech product and helping clients achieve them.

Greg Flick

Technical Services Manager 

As a Technical Services Manager for Nextech, Greg Flick oversees data conversions, HL7 interfaces, advanced report editing and other technical support aspects. With more than 15 years of experience at Nextech, Greg has a proven track record for ensuring Nextech clients receive superior technical assistance.

Greg Wirbickas

Professional Services Consultant 

Greg Wirbickas is a Professional Services Consultant with an expertise in onsite optimization and efficiency. As a past client of IntelleChartPRO and a former Clinic Product Consultant, he is well-versed in all aspects of IntelleChartPRO. His years of working in a retina specialty group in New York City allowed him to gain a robust clinical understanding of ophthalmology. His specialties include increasing office productivity and delivering outside-the-box solutions on practice operations.

Heather Holland

Senior Implementation Specialist

As a Senior Implementation Specialist for Nextech, Heather Holland familiarizes new clients with Nextech EMR, customizes the EMR to work best for the practice, and trains all clinical staff on how to use the system efficiently. With more than 10 years of experience at Nextech, Heather successfully ensures that Nextech clients have a positive transition to paper-free charting.

Jeff Lew

VP, Product 

As the Vice President of Product Management at Nextech, Jeff Lew leads the product team to prioritize development efforts and ensure that product features we build deliver meaningful value to our clients. Jeff Lew has 20+ years' experience in health care at Cerner Corporation and Siemens Healthcare.

Jessica Doan

Clinical Implementation Consultant

As a Clinical Implementation Consultant for Nextech, Jessica Doan works directly with clients, ensuring successful implementation of the IntelleChartPRO product. She has served Nextech as an IntelleChartPRO trainer and Knowledge Base expert, and has provided Professional Service engagements. With a total of 10+ years in ophthalmology, both clinical and with Nextech, she is well versed in best practices for IntelleChartPRO.

Joe Sweeney

VP, Engineering, IntelleChartPRO

Joe Sweeney is the VP of Engineering for IntelleChartPRO. Joe has been working in the software engineering industry for 19 years, nine of which he has lead IntelleChartPRO software development. His background spans web-based systems development, IT operations and application security in a variety of languages and technologies.

Kathy Claytor

Product Owner

Kathy Claytor is a Product Owner in Nextech’s Product Management department focusing on iPad, eRx, EMR, and Regulatory Reporting. Having been with the company more than 13 years, Kathy brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and is responsible for collaborating with clients and software engineers to help write the future of Nextech’s products.

Kenny Zoodsma

VP, IT and Security 

As the VP of IT and Security, Kenny is responsible for ensuring that all systems hosted by Nextech are reliable, available, and secure. Kenny joined Nextech at the end of 2016, and he brings more than 20 years of experience in designing and supporting large-scale software solutions.


Maria Abbatiello

Product Owner 

Maria is a Product Owner and Practice Management expert for Nextech’s Product Management department. Maria has been with the company one year, but brings 15+ years' experience building, implementing and supporting health care software systems surrounding billing and accounting. Maria is responsible for collaborating with our valued customers to help write the future of Nextech’s products.

Meikin Clark

Product Owner

With more than 19 years of health care IT experience, Meikin Clark serves as one of Nextech’s Product Owners, focusing primarily on financial and Practice Management related products. As a market expert, Meikin aligns Nextech’s products with its business strategy and ensures that new and existing products meet customer and industry needs.


Michelle Jones

Professional Service Consultant 

As a Professional Service Consultant for Nextech, Michelle Jones specializes in PM and EMR implementation for Dermatology and Cosmetic clients. With more than 15 years of experience at Nextech and experience managing practices and spas, Michelle focuses on helping practices operate and grow in an efficient and effective manner.

Oma Utah

Product Owner

Oma Utah is the Product Manager and Product Owner of MyPatientVisit (MPV), NextechAPI, Analytics, Marketing and Enterprise Reporting. Oma has been with the company for six months and has successfully implemented the new registration process for the patient portal, and driven the implementation and launch of the Nextech API. With more than 20+ years' experience in software product management and implementation,  Oma continues to drive Nextech's products to deliver customer-centric value and meet our company’s strategic initiatives. 

Paula Hakanson

Product Owner

As a Product Owner for Nextech, Paula Hakanson works with Development and Nextech clients to enhance the IntelleChartPRO product. Paula has been with Nextech for three years but has more than 25 years of experience in software development and business analysis. Paula uses her extensive development background to bring a wealth of knowledge to client collaborations, which help write the future of Nextech’s products.

Robin Ntoh

Senior Prof. Services Consultant

Ntoh has more than 20 years of experience working with health care providers. She began her career working in a facial plastic surgery practice and continued on with Mirror Image, managing client services and training. Robin started her own business consulting with cosmetic practices in various capacities, including the overall optimization of the office. She has seen success with both her personal business venture as well as guiding clients as a Nextech implementation trainer.

Ryan Heatherington 

Product Support Supervisor 

As a Product Support Supervisor for Nextech, Ryan leads tier I and tier II support personnel in assisting clients. Since joining Nextech in 2011, Ryan has worked with both the product support and technical services teams before becoming a supervisor. Passing his knowledge down to our current product support representatives is high priority for Ryan, as our number one priority is providing quality support to our clients.

Samantha McAlister

Implementation Services Manager

Throughout her five-plus years in health care IT, including two years at Nextech, Samantha has worked directly with clients, ensuring successful implementation of the Nextech software. She is also PQRS certified and an expert in Meaningful Use, which allows her to educate clients on important compliance issues.

Tommy Blanford

Product Support Supervisor

As a Product Support Supervisor for Nextech, Tommy Blanford leads tier I and tier II support personnel in assisting clients. With five years of experience at Nextech, Tommy leverages a wealth of product knowledge and customer service experience to ensure Nextech provides its clients with the best support possible.

Tommy Richardson

 Chief Technology Officer

Tommy Richardson serves as Nextech's Chief Technology Officer and SVP of Technology where he is responsible for the technology organization. Tommy leads Nextech's strategic efforts to develop world-class products that improve patient care and deliver operational improvements for specialty health care markets.

Tracy Biondo

Product Owner

Tracy Biondo is the most knowledgeable product expert on the IntelleChartPRO product, as she was the company's second employee. After serving in various realms from support to training to QA, Tracy is now a Product Owner and the Subject Matter Expert for the IntelleChartPRO product, paving the product's roadmap.

Zachary Cain

Professional Services Trainer 

As a Professional Services Trainer for Nextech, Zachary Cain educates both administrative and clinical staff as well as physicians on the features and functions of IntelleChartPRO. Prior to joining Nextech, Zack spent 11 years in an ophthalmic clinical setting serving in a wide array of roles from technician, billing, clinical and practice management.

Guest Speakers 

Brian Sachs - Quickbooks Payment

Financial Technology Advisor

Mr. Brian Sachs is a financial technology professional dedicated to providing QuickBooks Payments/ Intuit Merchant Processing/ Regulatory Compliance services to Integrated Merchants. Mr. Sachs has over 20 years of experience consulting small businesses on payment processing, regulatory compliance, and data privacy. He speaks regularly on PCI and HIPAA regulatory compliance while specializing in risk management consulting focused on the medical and professional services industries.

Heidi Brannon - TriZetto Provider Solutions

National Channel Sales Executive 

Heidi Brannon has worked in the health care industry for over six years specializing in assisting and enabling partners and/or providers with increasing their business’ bottom line and office efficiency. Most of her experience lies both in sales and account management. She is currently a national channel sales executive at TriZetto Provider Solutions, a Cognizant Company, where she is responsible for sales and relationship management of national channel partners.

Jason Tuschman - Red Spot Interactive

CEO/ Founder  

Since 1997, Jason has developed digital marketing and consumer acquisition channels for some of the nation’s leading brands such as GEICO, Netflix, T-Mobile, Sony, and many more. Jason started Red Spot Interactive with the intention of providing elective health care practices with the same ROI-driven customer acquisition and automation capabilities that Fortune 500 clients utilize, but accompanied by an affordable price.  

John Evans - Gibraltar IT

CTO/ Laserfiche Evangelist

John Evans is the Chief Technology Officer and Laserfiche Evangelist of Gibraltar.  John has over 21 years of experience in the technology field, and has worked with clients in a wide range of verticals including Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.  John's true passion lies in the areas of Electronic Content Management and Business Process Management. His 12+ year focus in these areas allow him to provide streamlined processes and workflows to his clients to increase efficiency, productivity, and security.

Lisa White - TriZetto Provider Solutions

Sales/RCM Account Manager

Lisa White is an RCM Sales/Account Manager at TriZetto Provider Solutions, a Cognizant Company, where she is responsible for sales and account management between the billing teams and our national channel partners. She has worked in the health care industry for more than 25 years and has a passion for helping providers with their billing needs. She started out as a medical assistant for orthopedic surgeons, then transitioned to account management, specifically focusing on revenue cycle management in recent years.


Megan Gaylor - CardConnect 

Partner Development Manager

Megan Gaylor, CardConnect Partner Development Manager, collaborates with software developers and their teams to drive revenue and security for their clients.  Megan brings over 6 years' channel experience in technology, 5 years in integrated payments, driving portfolio and revenue growth through joint sales strategy, marketing and product enablement.  Integrated payments brought Megan to Colorado nearly 7 years ago from Oklahoma, home of her beloved Sooners.

Randy Marsden - MarsdenAdvisors

Consultant, CPHIMS

Randy Marsden founded MarsdenAdvisors to help doctors solve one of their biggest pains… meeting the confusing and ever-changing compliance requirements. Randy and his team have a combined 30 years' experience in EHR and Ophthalmology, and support more than 300 doctors nationwide.

River Cohen - Quickbooks Payments

VP of Business Development

River Cohen is an award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist and Electronic Payment Processing/ Compliance expert with 20 years of experience. He has dedicated the last 9 years to forging partnerships with EMR and integrated payment processing platforms utilizing Intuit and QuickBooks Payments to deliver integrated payments to Nextech users. His ultimate goal is to help medical practices succeed by streamlining the reconciliation and data entry of payment processing.

Robert O'Connell - CardConnect

Director of Integrated Solutions and Compliance

Robert O’Connell, CardConnect’s Director of Integrated Solutions and Compliance, is a big believer in client advocacy in the world of payment processing. No stranger to developing successful relationships, he has worked diligently over the past 9 years to ensure that companies have access to tools they need to streamline and process payments safely and securely. 

Simon Lorenz - Klara Technologies

CEO & Co-Founder 

Simon Lorenz, PhD is a global health-tech innovator and Forbes contributor who has dedicated his entire career to health care. He founded Klara, a health care secure messaging platform, together with his co-founder with the vision to improve the quality of care and subsequently efficiency of care by improving communication. Before Klara, Simon worked with several health care providers and renowned management consulting companies with the goal to improve the delivery of care. 


Jimmy Rhoades - Red Spot Interactive

Chief Technology Officer 

Jimmy Rhoades joined Red Spot Interactive in 2014 as the company's Chief Technology Officer and has led the company's technology platform to new heights. Jimmy has played a key role in shaping and implementing Red Spot’s technology strategy In product growth and leadership for SMB advertising solutions. Prior to Red Spot Interactive, Jimmy was the Director of Software Engineering for MedQuest Associates in Alpharetta, Georgia.  He has extensive experience, from this 100-location company,in multi-location systems integration along with analytics and patient relationship management product development (CRM).